What are you going to change or improve about yourself?

This is what we asked all our attendees at Inspire Amsterdam, last week. We captured the answers below:
"Measure my level of happiness!!!"
"Not accepting the status quo"

"Systems + "WOW" always!"

"Listen more to what others have to say"

Thank you!

Thank you for an amazing event, a bright day and a wealth of new connections and vibrant experiences!

We'll be posting photos and reports soon.

-Team Inspire

Marv meets winkey

This morning we received an awesome message from our friend Justin Bayer, CEO and founder of WelcomeToCollege:

"Sometimes we meet people we automatically click with and wonder, “What is it about this person that makes talking and connecting so easy?” When I met Wendy last October at the Delivering Happiness Boot Camp in Las Vegas, I didn’t have to wonder – she was a person devoted to sharing happiness with the world and her commitment was infectious.

I was attending the boot camp to discover new ways to deliver happiness in education, and Wendy having a background in coaching and working with young people took well to this mission. We discussed the link between happiness in education and happiness at work and how we might team up around this purpose. In less than 24 hours, I had a friend 4,000 miles away who shared the same dreams and enthusiasms for the future. Wow! Happiness works!

As Wendy and her team prepare for the second edition of Inspire Amsterdam, the Welcome to College team wishes them nothing but joy on their day of inspiring and being inspired. We look forward to hearing your moments of MARV and seeing your photos of Winky with friends! To the best World Happiness Day yet!

-Justin Bayer"

Thanks for sharing, Justin!

To our readers: Want to know more about MARV? We highly recommend Justin's TedX performance "From Fit to Flourishing" from 2014, in which he explains all about it. Watch it on youtube here.

Host of the day: Tex de Wit

Yes! We're super proud to announce our host of the day: Tex de Wit! Tex is a skyrocketing stand-up comedy talent of Toomler's Comedy Train, the famous consortium & incubator of Dutch top stand-up comedians.

Meet the team

With only 9 days left and counting, our team is now in gearing up for the final preparations for Inspire Amsterdam.

It's about time we introduce ourselves! Today blog features Freya, our head of marketing. (Click here to jump to the team page and read the story.)

We're looking forward to meet you on 20 March, but in the meantime... Why don't you go ahead and introduce yourself on our facebook event page (here) or join the conversation on twitter (here)- It's never to early to start the conversation!

Team Inspire
Freya, Monika & Wendy

The Science of Happiness

Here are some key findings on the effects of happiness at work.

Did you know happy employees come with

• 31 %       more productivity (Shawn Achor)
• 37 % growth in sales (Shawn Achor)
• 44 % higher retention (Gallup)
• 125 % less burnout (HBR)
• 180 % more energy (Pryse-Jones)
• 300 % more innovation (HBR)

We are looking forward to discuss these and other findings from the science of happiness, happiness economics and positive psychology on March 20, at Inspire Amsterdam. Register here and join the conversation on twitter (@inspire_ams) & facebook.

Save the Date!

To inspire & be inspired

Add to Google calendar, sync to iCal or scribble on an old-fashioned post-it:

Event:           INSPIRE AMSTERDAM 2014
Date: World Happiness Day 20 March 2014
Day: Thursday
Time: 12.00 – 17.30 hrs
Hosted by: Delivering Happiness
Location: Toomler, Amsterdam

Eventbrite - Inspire Amsterdam - the second edition

After the successful first edition, Delivering Happiness returns in the theater Toomler. This year we will have a dialogue with three amazing speakers about how happiness makes a difference at the workplace.

Our keynote speakers include

Nic Marks, founder & director of Happy Works, is best known for creating the award winning Happy Planet Index the first global measure of sustainable wellbeing. Nic spoke at the prestigious TEDGlobal conference in 2010 on his work and authored one of the first TEDBooks – A Happiness Manifesto.

Salem Samhoud, founder & director of &Samhoud, was one of the first to recognize the importance of having a higher purpose in organizations, 25 years ago. With the story of &Samhoud he provides indisputable evidence that a company can excel without an exclusive focus on making money. &Samhoud focuses on building a brighter future and with that they earn money.

Jaap de Groot is chief editor of sports of De Telegraaf, speaker and opinion leader in the world of sports. Through his leadership role in the workplace and the wider media industry, he knows what it takes to be successful in sport & business. Prepare for outspoken opinions, profound views, and a great sense of humor.