Marv meets winkey

This morning we received an awesome message from our friend Justin Bayer, CEO and founder of WelcomeToCollege:

"Sometimes we meet people we automatically click with and wonder, “What is it about this person that makes talking and connecting so easy?” When I met Wendy last October at the Delivering Happiness Boot Camp in Las Vegas, I didn’t have to wonder – she was a person devoted to sharing happiness with the world and her commitment was infectious.

I was attending the boot camp to discover new ways to deliver happiness in education, and Wendy having a background in coaching and working with young people took well to this mission. We discussed the link between happiness in education and happiness at work and how we might team up around this purpose. In less than 24 hours, I had a friend 4,000 miles away who shared the same dreams and enthusiasms for the future. Wow! Happiness works!

As Wendy and her team prepare for the second edition of Inspire Amsterdam, the Welcome to College team wishes them nothing but joy on their day of inspiring and being inspired. We look forward to hearing your moments of MARV and seeing your photos of Winky with friends! To the best World Happiness Day yet!

-Justin Bayer"

Thanks for sharing, Justin!

To our readers: Want to know more about MARV? We highly recommend Justin's TedX performance "From Fit to Flourishing" from 2014, in which he explains all about it. Watch it on youtube here.