What are you going to change or improve about yourself?

This is what we asked all our attendees at Inspire Amsterdam, last week. We captured the answers below:
"Measure my level of happiness!!!"
"Not accepting the status quo"

"Systems + "WOW" always!"

"Listen more to what others have to say"

"Learn more from people"

"Be more gentle"

"My smile"

"Create more happiness at work :)"

"More happiness"

"Take my passion more into account"

"Refine my ambition"

"Dream big & talk proudly about myself, my family, my ..."

"Set up a new business just for happiness!"

"Do more together :)"

"Leave out with fear"

"Share my story with others!"

"Take a stand"

"Don't take NO for an answer"

"To trust my own love"

"Be more of me!"