Meet the team: Wendy

Last but not least, it's time to introduce Wendy, founder & managing director of Delivering Happiness in the Netherlands.

Wendy Kouwenhoven
(Freya writes): "Wendy runs Delivering Happiness and Inspire Amsterdam with dedication, passion and an endless resource of energy. When I visited the first edition of Inspire Amsterdam in 2013, Wendy's focus and drive convinced me of the fact that Happiness is, indeed, a serious business.

Wendy is an expert in creating open, personal and energizing environments, whereby each individual and each idea is considered at its optimal value. I find her leadership truly inspiring for the way she steers by letting go. Or, as she puts it: 'If you let loose, you have two hands to work with.'

Wendy's background in sports health and coaching gives her invaluable knowledge about balancing energy and resources. She naturally lives by these values and shares them with those around her. That's why it is such a pleasure to work with Wendy!"