Meet the team: Monika

 We're pleased to introduce our team member Monika, head of hospitality!

Monika Guys
This is how we met: “My partner and I [Wendy] were invited to a piano concert at the Royal Concertgebouw in Amsterdam. During the diner for invitees, one waitress caught the eye. Monika was delivering happiness through her outstanding service and hospitality.

She had a remarkable attention for all her guests and for the meals she served. She spoke to colleagues when needed. She stood up straight, shoulders back, without interruption. She kept an eye on everything and had everything covered.

Monika's excellent service reminded me of the hospitality experienced once, when I visited Indonesia. I couldn’t escape the thought that true hospitality simply doesn’t fit the Dutch Calvinist style well. In Indonesia they don’t even had a word for hospitality; it is ingrained in their way of being, so naturally. This is exactly what Monika brought.

That evening, I also noticed that she wasn’t trained as a waitress. She made a slightly clumsy scene when stacking plates, but to no one’s annoyance. Her smile and attention made it simply a minor issue. I couldn’t leave that evening without giving her my business card, and this is how Monika joined our team Delivering Happiness.

Monika is a legal expert. The legal profession disappointed her when she experienced that making money prevailed over helping people. On 20 March you are warmly invited to share the same experience I had at the Royal Concertgebouw. Enjoy Monika’s hospitality at Inspire Amsterdam 2014!"