World Happiness Day

The United Nations adopted the World Happiness Day on its calendar. Like other commemorated dates: World Cancer Day or The International Day of Peace, the UN intends to create a movement of awareness. The first edition was on the 20th of March 2013. At this date we launched Delivering Happiness in the Netherlands starting an annual event called “Inspire Amsterdam”.

This International Happiness Day is designed to capture the spirit of other nations and groups like Bhutan. These people have already recognized that, other than using merely economic and materialistic indicators, elements such as happiness are fundamental and must be included in the ways of measuring prosperity.

In the Netherlands Delivering Happiness is driven to take up the UN’s ‘happiness’ initiative. We strongly believe that it is time to start dig deeper and explore the realms of happiness in our society, in our organizations and our own lives. Let’s walk the talk together and bring it alive.