Why we created this event

  1. To inspire and be inspired. Inspiration is where innovation begins.
  2. Happiness is important to us all. If you ask someone what is your goal in life? You could say: to grow a company, get a great job, find a partner in life or be healthy. Ask 5x why and everyone will tell you life is about happiness.
  3. To connect people and build a community. You can be the first dancer, but without people joining, no one will hear the message and nothing will change.
  4. Our companies need to earn money to survive and drive our economies, but there is a need to actively shift our perception of prosperity. More and more people are starting to understand that unlimited growth cannot be sustained.
  5. To shift minds. Life is not about making money, money is just a mean to reach your goals & dreams.
  6. To nudge the world toward a happier place.
  7.  Children laugh 400x a day, adults 15x. Do we need to say more?